How to sort null bin items at last in netsuite advanced pdf template?

I created a Picking ticket using Advanced PDF in NetSuite. I want the items to be sorted out based on the BIN Number. Now items with blank bin number are coming first. Is there a way to sort the items last who has blank bin number? Below is item table.

<table class=”itemtable” style=”width: 100%; margin-top: 10px;”><!– start items –><#list record.item?sort_by(“inventorydetail”) as item><#if item_index==0>
<th colspan=”4″>${item.item@label}</th>
<th colspan=”9″>${item.description@label}</th>
<th colspan=”4″>Quantity</th>
<th colspan=”4″>Units</th>
<th colspan=”4″>Inventory Detail</th>
<th colspan=”4″>${item.quantitycommitted@label}</th>
<!–th colspan=”4″>This Ship…</th–>
<th colspan=”4″>OEM…</th>
<td colspan=”4″>${item.item}</td>
<td colspan=”9″>${item.description}</td>
<td colspan=”4″>${item.quantity}</td>
<td colspan=”4″>${item.units}</td>
<td colspan=”4″>${item.inventorydetail}</td>
<td colspan=”4″>${item.quantitycommitted}</td>
<!–td colspan=”4″>&nbsp;</td–>
<td colspan=”4″>${item.custcol5}</td>
</#list><!– end items –></table>

Beginner Asked on February 2, 2024 in SuiteBuilder.
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