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Today we’re very proud to kick off Salto’s SuiteHub (or the Hub)—a free-for-all education space dedicated to helping NetSuite administrators and developers advance their careers. 

SuiteHub will give you access to hours of actionable video courses and helpful resources that will enhance your skills, make you better at what you do every day, and as a result, allow you to grow professionally and progress your career. 

We decided to create SuiteHub after seeing overwhelming engagement with two specific types of content we create. 

The first one is strictly educational. For example, How to avoid these 9 saved search mistakes or Understand your options for customization deployment between NetSuite accounts. We have created a lot more and got great feedback from you.  

The second type that got a lot of interest too is career-focused articles, such as NetSuite admin salaries and NetSuite developer salaries

We see that NetSuite admins and devs want more knowledge because they like their job and are constantly looking to improve, but also because they want to take their careers to the next level. And yes, that means better salaries and benefits. 

We decided to open SuiteHub to every NetSuite professional out there and make it 100% free. As part of the NetSuite community, we believe it’s important to share valuable resources and give opportunities to grow. We want to build and strengthen the community of people that our product serves.

What you can start learning on the Hub right now

Once you sign up for free, you’ll be able to access two comprehensive video courses as well as written content that will make you better at your work. We’re working to launch more courses soon!

If you’re a NetSuite developer looking to step up your SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) game, you can take our course on Customization Management with SuiteScript and NetSuite. It is a comprehensive introduction to tracking and deploying NetSuite and SuiteScript customizations with SDF. 

If you’re an admin or developer who wants to deeply understand the mechanics behind NetSuite financials, take our Mastering NetSuite Financial Data for Admins and Developers. You’ll learn how NetSuite derives, calculates, and consolidates financial data and will be equipped to speak to the underlying data and related reporting with confidence.

In addition to our video courses, you’ll get access to more content carefully created by industry experts. 

In fact, let’s introduce some of our content creators. 

Who you will learn from in SuiteHub

Our experts Eric Grubaugh, Sonny Spencer and Chidi Okwudire are some of the best NetSuite professionals you can learn from. Seriously. 

Since 2012, Eric has been designing and developing SuiteScript solutions, coaching NetSuite developers and advising SuiteScript teams on building healthy, effective practices. He also launched the SuiteScript Stories podcast, and is very active in the NetSuite community. You probably heard his name already. 

Sonny is a seasoned NetSuite veteran (currently serves as Director of Finance Operations at Veeva), with more than 7 years of experience implementing NetSuite and architecting NetSuite solutions for a wide variety of public and private companies, on a global scale. 

He leverages his background both as a Chartered Accountant and Certified NetSuite Administrator to design and build NetSuite solutions that solve real-world problems. Sonny is an active member of the NetSuite community, participating in local NetSuite meetups, NetSuite forums (like NetSuite Professionals) and user groups focused on financial system optimization.

Chidi is an IT Professional, ERP enthusiast, and NetSuite Solution Architect (NetSuite Certified Administrator, SuiteCloud Developer II and ERP Consultant). He’s passionate about empowerment through knowledge sharing. If you have been active in the NetSuite community, you probably read or listened to some of his epic content. 

What else to expect from the Hub

Some folks don’t care about certificates. But it might be a good way to demonstrate to your colleagues, managers and other people who can influence your career that you’re actively developing your knowledge and capabilities. So once you finish one of our courses, you will get a completion certificate.

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