#ask-stanley-ai is an ai chat bot for netsuiteprofessionals.com’s Slack workspace that can be used to search historical conversations and quickly return relevant results. This initiative is being developed in collaboration with Platinum sponsor, Celigo.

How to use #ask-stanley-ai:

  1. From within #ask-stanley-ai Slack channel, ask a question.
  2. The Celigo AI Chatbot will create a thread linked to the original question with the most relevant answers from historical conversations.

Important information:

  1. The AI chatbot is not configured to have conversations with the requestor. It will not respond to followup questions within the same thread. For followup questions it is recommended that you re-ask the question in the channel and utilize a new thread.
  2. The AI chatbot is currently trained on current and historical conversations from the following channels: accounting, administration, general, suiteflow, suitescript, suitetalkapi. In the future we will consider adding additional channels.
  3. We are actively working on enhancing the quality of responses. There may be occasions where the response contains inaccurate information (i.e. question hasn’t been asked previously or question was answered incorrectly to begin with). When this occurs, it is recommended to ask the question in the channel that best matches the category of the question and allow other members to help answer.

If you have questions about the Slack AI bot, your company is interested in implementing a Slack knowledge AI bot, or have any questions about integration in general, please contact Celigo at info@celigo.com


  • June 7, 2024 – AI chatbot now also trained on #general channel