Wrong ‘Next Check Number’ value on Account record

Hello, everyone!

We are having trouble with the auto-generated number of bank accounts. Sometimes when creating bill payments, the “CHECK #” field is autocompleted with the wrong code/number. This code/number comes from the field “Next Check Number” in the record of the bank account linked to the payment. Even though we work with a large number of accounts, this only occurs with two specific bank accounts. We noticed this happens more and more. When this happens, a manual change is needed.

There is no script deployed on the account’s records, so it’s not a script issue, but we think it’s a NetSuite one.
We want to emphasize that this happens at random, with no clear pattern.

We also know that this number can be modified when creating the payment, but this is not the case. ‘Check #’ is filled with a large and strange number.

Anyone knows if there is a NetSuite rule that modifies this field in particular?


Rookie Asked on January 3, 2022 in Accounting.
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