Workflow Inventory Worksheet

Hello, I'm trying to create an approval flow in the "Self Worksheet" record but I'm not able to view 

Workflow Inventory Worksheet

the record to select, is there any way to do this?
Rookie Asked on July 5, 2022 in Inventory.
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I don’t believe it is possible to create workflows for “Inventory Worksheet” transactions.  This transaction type replaces inventory values REGARDLESS of what the prior values were.  It is typically used sparingly and only by administrators (I’ve only ever seen it used when setting up inventory upon account creation or after an inventory count that resulted in massive inventory swings), so it kind of makes sense that they wouldn’t build workflow functionality around it.

What you’re probably looking for is the “Inventory Adjustment” transaction type, which is available for workflow creation (scroll up a bit on your sub types and you’ll see it (unless you’ve renamed your transaction types)). This is for adjusting individual item quantities up or down by a specified amount.

If you DO need a workflow specifically for the “Inventory Worksheet” transaction type, I would really push back on the person asking or the specific inventory processes that are generating that requirement to understand why.

Intermediate Answered on July 7, 2022.
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Thanks for your feedback James, the idea of ​​the workflow would be to develop an approval flow by the supervisor of the stock location. 

I understand now with your explanation that it doesn't really make sense to customize the operation of this registry... 

Thank you very much for the tip.

Have a great day!

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Rookie Answered on July 7, 2022.
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