while using Client script 2.1 (pageInit,fieldChanged) as a backend script in suitelet 2.1, scriptContext doesn’t return a object

  • I’ve developed a suitelet 2.1 script and from that suitelet I’m calling Clientscript 2.1 script by using  form.clientScriptModulePath =“./clientscript.js”; to perform some operation in pageInit and fieldChanged functions of client script, but the scriptContext  object which I’m getting  in Suitescript 2.1  is differ from suitescript 2.0.
  • Client script 2.1 PageInit returns me  mode  (create/Edit) whereas  Client script 2.0 PageInit returns context object and
  • Client script 2.1 fieldChanged  returns me sublist ID and Client script 2.0 fieldChanged  returns context object

can anyone help to understand why we have that difference ? and also  any other option to get scriptContext as a object  in client script 2.1 ?

Rookie Asked on September 20, 2021 in SuiteCloud.
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run your client entry point as 2.0.  if you wan tto write code as 2.1 then call out to other modules that use it or transpile your code down before deployment

Rookie Answered on February 20, 2022.
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