Using Alias Account Descriptions on Reports

We are in the process of changing the descriptions of our GL accounts (i.e. account #123 “Cash- ABC Bank” will now be #123 “Cash- XYZ Bank” but we would like to generate reports that include both the old description as well as the new.

Any thoughts on what field the old description should be entered into upon set up?  and how to include that field in the reports?

Our plan is to copy the old description to the new field and then replace the old description with the new.  Eventually, once we get accustomed to the new descriptions, we will stop using the old.


Rookie Asked on February 17, 2020 in How To's.
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Hi Andy, you can look into NetSuite’s functionality around this named “Accounting Contexts”. Essentially, you’d be able to set alternate GL account names/numbers, and have users select the context when running reports.

If you do need to show the descriptions side by side, you might be better served using a new custom field, or using the account description (as opposed to its name) to hold the new description. But then you would have to customize the reports.

Rookie Answered on February 18, 2020.
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Thank you!  Very helpful.

Rookie Answered on February 21, 2020.
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