User error: Invalid Login attemp

I am trying to enable token based authentication, I have all the configuration done in netsuite:
– Cloud suite – token based authentication
– Role with the necessary permissions for token-based authentication
– User with the role defined for TBA
– integration record

Create my apex class in salesforce, to generate my signature and send the POST request to https: // <account-id> / rest / requesttoken

User error: Invalid Login attempcredenciales en Apex Class

When sending the request, sales force returns the following:
Status = Bad Request, StatusCode = 400
{“error”: {“code”: “USER_ERROR”, “message”: “Invalid login attempt.”}}

and in Netsuite login audit trail it shows “TokenRejected”

User error: Invalid Login attemp

can someone guide me to fix this error?

Rookie Asked on February 23, 2021 in Administration.

Please post your implementation of the signRequest function — it is  likely that your error is there.

on February 26, 2021.

We get the same error. It also says TokenRejected in the Login Audit Trail Search. We tried with postman using the Netsuite Postman Collection as well as in python with oauthlib.oauth1 using HMAC-SHA256.

We would appreciate some help here? We could also provide more details.

on October 21, 2021.
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