Suitescript search result is wrong compare to saved search

Saved search shows taxtotal and total correctly for transaction.
“taxtotal” shows empty on suitescript, and total shows total – taxtotal instead.
I can’t figure out why that is the case.

const salesorderSearchObj = search.create({
type: search.Type.SALES_ORDER,
filters: [
[“type”, “anyof”, “SalesOrd”],
[“internalid”, “anyof”, netsuiteId],
columns: [
search.createColumn({name: “tranid”, label: “Document Number”}),
name: “taxtotal”,
label: “Amount (Transaction Tax Total)”,
name: “total”,
label: “Amount (Transaction Total)”,
name: “shippingamount”,
label: “Amount (Shipping)”,
name: “formulatext”,
formula: “NVL({discountamount}, 0)”,
label: “Amount Discount”,


Rookie Asked on December 29, 2022 in SuiteCloud.
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