SS_USAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED exception in netsuite script

{"type":"error.SuiteScriptError","name":"SSS_USAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED","message":"Script Execution Usage Limit Exceeded","stack":["createError(N/error)","takeAction(/SuiteScripts/Webhive/Webhive_ANS_Event.js:29)"],"cause":{"type":"internal error","code":"SSS_USAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED","details":"Script Execution Usage Limit Exceeded","userEvent":"beforesubmit","stackTrace":["createError(N/error)","takeAction(/SuiteScripts/Webhive/Webhive_ANS_Event.js:29)"],"notifyOff":false},"id":"","notifyOff":false,"userFacing":false}

i loading save search in script and it throwing exception of memory exceed. I have around 28000 data and i have to iterate all that data

Rookie Asked on March 4, 2020 in Saved Searches.
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NetSuite limits the amount of work a script can do:

The error you are getting is thrown when your user event script consumes more than the 1000 points of governance it is allowed. You need to change your script to use less points, or do the logic elsewhere, like in a map-reduce script. User event scripts in particular should do as little work as possible since the logic is run whenever the record is saved.

Advanced Answered on March 4, 2020.
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