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I am new to NetSuite formula expressions used in saved searches- I am trying to divide two expressions that is working, but every time that I try to divide them I get a “ERROR”, Please Help

Expression 1- Formula (Numeric) Sum Round to Hundredths sum({custrecord_iqity_prod_sum_clock_hrs}) / 60

Expression 2- Formula (Numeric) Minimum Round TO_CHAR({custrecord_iqity_prod_sum_date}, ‘d’)*{custrecord_iqity_prod_sum_workcenter.custrecord_iqfwchoursperdaylab}

Divide Expression 1 / Expression 2

My formula that is not working (and I don’t know where it is wrong ) Formula (Numeric) Sum ((SUM({custrecord_iqity_prod_sum_clock_hrs}) / 60) / (SUM(NULLIF({custrecord_iqity_prod_sum_date}, ‘d’)*({custrecord_iqity_prod_sum_workcenter.custrecord_iqfwchoursperdaylab}),0)))

Rookie Asked on March 5, 2021 in Saved Searches.
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Probably need to copy and paste your formula better. The denominator is not equal to expression 2 in your combined formula.

If its not the copy and paste problem, you will need to be share more about the field types of the custom fields.

Advanced Answered on March 5, 2021.
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