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Is there a setting in a role that would allow us to give report customization option to specific roles, but not allow them to “publish” or make visible (without URL) to all users?

We have give the customization option to a few roles, but they are making a mess of the saved reports page/menu. Would like to be able to allow them to customize reports for themselves, but to not publish to others. Any tips?

Rookie Asked on June 30, 2022 in Administration.
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Edit permission is required for report customization and that gives them the flexibility to publish. The workaround I have found successful in the past is to create a “Custom Center Category” within the “Reports” Center that is named “[Company Name] – Key Reports”. You then direct users to reference the new category and ignore the cluttered “Saved Reports” menu. You can manage which reports are included in the new “Custom Center Category” by adding new “Center Links”. This is all out of the box NetSuite functionality and no development is required.

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Beginner Answered on July 19, 2022.
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