Quantitative Data in a Personalized Vendor Search

Is there any way to add items like annual spend, payment count/type, annual invoice/PO count, DPO to a personalized vendor search?

Rookie Asked on June 23, 2021 in Vendors.
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Yes, there certainly is. Firstly, I would not recommend a Vendor Search, but instead start with a Transaction Search. You can then restrict the transaction types in the search criteria and perform sums on “Amount” and count on “Internal ID”, by referencing specific transaction types in a CASE WHEN formula. Example: SUM, Formula: CASE WHEN {type} LIKE ‘Bill’ THEN {amount} ELSE ‘0’ END. You can expand upon this for count, but would want to ensure your saved search criteria has “Main Line” = True.

Beginner Answered on June 23, 2021.
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