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Hey all

We have over 95,000 expired credit cards in our system. Is it possible this is slowing down the payment processing time?

It takes about 25 seconds to load the payment tab and once you enter the cc info and hit summit it takes another 25 seconds. It was not always like this. At one point over the summer we were told this was a systems issue and would be fixed with the next upgrade but this has not been the case so I thought if we removed the cc’s from the account it may help with speed. Don’t want to waste my time trying to figure out how to delete old cc’s in bulk, if I don’t have too. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I have put in tickets with NS about this issue and was told…..

Netsuite already fielded a defect and will provide a fix. They did not specify a date on when the fix will be issued they just told us to wait based on the release of the E-fix

We have opened another support ticket, still waiting.

Should I waste time and remove expired cards?

Thanks, stay safe and have a day!!

Rookie Asked on February 10, 2021 in Billing.
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