NetSuite ODBC Connectivity

I would like to be able to create ad-hoc views using SQL Server or even use MS Access using an ODBC driver.  Suggestions?  I am being told it costs $20K for the ODBC driver.

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We negotiated ours included in our price. Have your administrator check Company>NetSuite Account Information>Billing Information  and see if you already have  SuiteAnalytics Connect.

Beginner Answered on July 12, 2022.

I am confused.  My client has purchased NetSuite through another Company, let’s call the company “Beans Consulting”.  If I need to ask questions, I have to ask: Beans Consulting.  Beans Consulting told me that it is $20K for SuiteAnalyticsConnect.    My client is unable to run ad-hoc reports or queries against the NetSuite backend.  Beans Consulting appears to be paying another company to develop simple new NetSuite reports, and the requests take over 3 months per report.   Beans Consulting is also a partner with some circa 2010 MS Excel “add-in”.  This Excel add-in is pulling data from stagnant data warehouses, and I kid you not, the pulls can take minutes to hours.  The users are told, “Don’t press [enter]” (LOL WTH).  Bonus – if my client needs to pull on criteria not defined in the add-in, it takes WEEKS.  I can’t believe processing is not taking place ON the server against real-time data.   Beans Consulting has nobody on board with NetSuite credentials, taking over two years to migrate data from this client’s two legacy systems to NetSuite.
If I can somehow talk the client into purchasing SuiteAnalytics connect, will I be hitting real-time data?  I have had two other vendors try to sell me their ODBC connections to NetSuite and the cost is over $5K, and both Vendors say I need the SuiteAnalyticsConnect.   I am not sure why there are other vendors offering an ODBC connection if NetSuite has an ODBC connection.

And Beans Consulting says that will be $20K, please.

on July 12, 2022.

@KarenN The short answer to your question is YES,  you will be hitting real-time data & it refreshes amazingly fast.

I suggest you ask your client to ask NetSuite for a different “Partner” assignment as soon as possible & negotiate better pricing.

I can’t quote how much NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Connect Mid-Market Cloud Service is to your Client because so many factors are involved.

I will say that NetSuite pricing for their ODBC connection is only be slightly over that of competitors and I would hope not the amount “Bean Consulting” quoted them.

Hope this helps.


on July 13, 2022.

Thank you!  So now I see that 3rd Party solutions like Devart and CData are selling interfaces requiring the NetSuite SuiteAnalytics Connect.    I am trying that there is no way for me to write reports and create data warehouses unless NetSuite Analytics connect is purchased.

on July 14, 2022.

@KarenN  I don’t know your client’s business & budget need but check out the CloudExtend solutions Celigo offers .  If your client uses the Microsoft suite, it may be worth a look.  While we were a Microsoft shop we did & loved it. They are working on the Google side but it isn’t as robust. If you just need to write reports NetSuite’s Saved Searches usually cover most things (using “Formulas” really expands the results) and they are improving their “Analytics” tool every release and it is included in the base product. These can be placed on users Dashboards as appropriate. Apologize, if you are already all over this.

CloudExtend Analytics for NetSuite

CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite 

Best regards,  

on July 14, 2022.
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