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We’re experiencing performance issues with sales orders, quotes, invoices, and customer saving issues with our NetSuite ERP, averaging 8-10 seconds to saving using NetSuite’s Advance Performance Measurement (APM) tool.  We have only a small amount of customization. but do integrate with RF-Smart, Pacejet, Celigo and Avalara.  Is that normal for NetSuite ERP?  Has someone faced performance issues with NetSuite and do you have any recommendations for resolving this?

Rookie Asked on December 19, 2019 in Performance.
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Go to Customization -> Scripting -> Scripted Records and look for those transaction record types to see which types of scripts are deployed to run on them

  1. User event scripts run every time a record is “touched” so that would affect performance.
  2. Celigo usually spawns several instances of one script deployment so that adds to the load.
  3. Avalara continually pings their API so that also adds to the load.
  4. RF-Smart and Pacejet will also have scripts running.
Beginner Answered on December 19, 2019.
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I think NS taking ~8-10 seconds is quite normal because, on each Sales Order creation, NS would create a customer first and then SO so you may be seeing the overall time.

Still, you can try a couple of things to improve performance, pls see below:

  1. Check the workflows deployed on the transactions and customers, if not in use make them inactive.
  2. Make sure deployments on the Script has LOG LEVEL set to Audit/Error.

If it still doesn’t improve create a support ticket with NetSuite support for assistance.



Beginner Answered on December 19, 2019.
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Thank you for your quick response.  Scripts have been optimized. and network time is insignificant.  Pacejet and Avalara scripts’ performance are within manageable range.  Majority of the transaction time, 70-80% , is taken up by the server but we don’t have access to the database or the application layer to know how they interact.



Rookie Answered on December 19, 2019.
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8-10 seconds is actually good performance in NetSuite. All 3 envs that I’ve worked with take 18+ seconds before saving a Sales Order record. Check your Performance Details as well to get some more insight.

Beginner Answered on December 30, 2019.
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