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So, I figured out how to get the memo to print out on the pickticket, by editing the Advanced PDF template.  Now I’m trying to get the memo from the sales order to print out on the BOM, yet it doesn’t and it’s because the work order has its own memo field, which most times is blank.  How can I get the memo on the sales order to carry over to the memo field on the work order so I can get the memo printed on the BOM?

Rookie Asked on September 8, 2022 in Other.
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The way I did this is as follows:

Create a custom transaction body field, type being Text Area

Applies to:  Work Order/Assembly Build

Store Value Check Box: leave unchecked

Under sourcing & filtering, choice Source List: Created From and Source From: Memo

On a sales order, when the memo field is filled in, it will “pass” to the BOM (work order).

To get it to print on the PDF/HTML form you will need to add the ID of this custom field like you would other fields and it should show.

I did it this way a few years ago because for some reason I couldn’t grab that field straight from the sales order (to print on the PDF).  You would think simply using {createdfrom.memo} would work (and maybe it does now) but this worked for me.

Rookie Answered on October 7, 2022.
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