Log messages not getting printed in client script

I am trying to print messages in a client script, it used to work before but has suddently stopped recently. When I press F12 on the browser to view the console, I notice that there is a line that says ‘Suppress=T’, maybe all the messages are being suppressed somehow. This used to work earlier but somehow none of the message printing mechanism ( console.log, log.debug, dialog.alert) seem to be working. This used to work before and even if I create a copy of the form on sandbox, the issue does not go away. Has anyone else faced this? Attaching the sample code and screenshot from the console for your reference.

Thanks in advance

define(['N/record','N/search','N/ui/dialog', 'N/log'], function (record, search, dialog, log) {


*@NApiVersion 2.0

*@NScriptType ClientScript


function pageInit(context) {

console.log('Console LOG - PageInit0001');


title: 'Customer First Name',

details: 'TEST LOG'



title: 'Announcement',

message: 'TEST Alert'



return {

pageInit: pageInit



Beginner Asked on March 25, 2022 in SuiteScript.
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Log will work if you are deploying the Client script over any record i.e. if it has a Script deployment record. If you’re deploying the client script over a Suitelet and try checking the logs, it might not work. It depends on the context over which you are executing the client script.  Also, you can try checking the execution logs through the path –

Customization->Scripts-> Scripts Execution Logs

Rookie Answered on May 21, 2022.
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