Item Sales Description per Customer

I want to be able to use generic sales items, but specify the sales description per customer:


Item Sales Description
ITEM A Customer 1 Nice Chair
Customer 2
Modern Chair


In such a way that if Item A is selected in a sales order line for Customer B, the according sales description is defaulted automatically.


Does anyone have a solution for this?

Rookie Asked on April 6, 2020 in Items.
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3 Answer(s)

Custom Records and Scripting could do this.

Advanced Answered on April 6, 2020.
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Hi Kevin,


Thanks. Was hoping for a more basic/of the shelf solution. That seems not to be possible though (which in fact, is quite striking for an ERP system), Any idea whether Custom record and Work Flow (that I am familiar with -:)) could do the magic?



Rookie Answered on April 7, 2020.
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Unfortunately this can’t be done with workflow, if you were doing part number instead of description, the SCM bundle can do that

Advanced Answered on April 7, 2020.
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