Is it possible to access a script deployment’s parameter values via SuiteQL?

I’m trying to overcome the client script limit of 10 deployments. Specifically, on the invoice record. We have subsidiaries all over the world and  with all the bundles from NS that are required for our organization are installed, the number of client script easily exceeds the limit of 10.

For simple 2.0 Client Scripts that don’t use any parameters, I have a “wrapper” client script that will dynamically load in other client scripts run their entry points. This works well.

The problem is that most of the scripts use parameter values and I cannot figure out how to get a specific parameter value for a given deployment.

I’ve already tried to add to the list of client scripts loaded by adding rows to the _clientScriptContext.superScriptList array. This alternate method also works for loading  extra scrips, but those scripts loaded beyond the 10th always return null for any  and all parameters.

Can a script’s deployment parameter values be access vis SuiteQL? If so, I might have another path to try and work my way around this problem.

Rookie Asked on May 3, 2022 in SuiteScript.
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