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Hi, does anyone know the best way to set up inventory variance reporting? I’ve got the inventory counts pushing the variance to a specified account. However, there is no native report that I can find that will show inventory variance over a given time period. I need to set this up so a client can have a KPI that compares inventory accuracy. Any suggestions?

Beginner Asked on October 24, 2019 in Inventory.
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Yeah, I don’t think there is anything native around this, as far as I know, so you’ll need to build it yourself.  Since you want it on a KPI it’ll have to be a saved search. “Saved Search > Inventory Adjustments created from Inventory Count” SuiteAnswers Id: 65365 might be a good place to start.  Or if you’re definitely putting it to a dedicated Account, you could just do it on a financial basis, however, having done some similar types of reporting at my previous company, I’d caution your client about the validity/usefulness of this KPI unless it is by item (rather than a total number) and that they actually have an inventory/warehouse person digging into the details of where those variances came from.  If there are errors in the count or errors in the way ins/outs are tracked (e.g. the wrong item is counted, a place where certain items are stored is missed, returns are not done correctly, etc.)  those amounts can potentially ping-pong around. If you do get that kind of behavior it can make period to period comparisons pretty unhelpful if the current period is reflecting errors from prior periods or reversals of incorrectly applied adjustments.

Intermediate Answered on November 5, 2019.
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