How to email using SuiteScript in Sandbox?

const senderId = 35111 // employee id
const recipientEmail = [‘’, ‘’];
const recipientCCEmail = [‘’, ‘’];
        author: senderId,
        recipients: recipientEmail,
        cc: recipientCCEmail,
        subject: ‘Test:  license code’,
        body: `There is not enough license code for this order.
        Please add more license code for sku: 1234`,
        relatedRecords: {
                entityId: recipientId
I get an email on my company’s email on (35111) and next to the subject I get (officially to: firstTest… secondTest… officially cc: thirdTest… fourthTest.
None of the other email is getting an email. I release the Script, this is on sandbox, only the sender is receiving the email.
Rookie Asked on July 12, 2023 in SuiteScript.
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2 Answer(s)

Sandbox accounts intentionally do not send emails externally.

You can read more in the section about Sandbox and Release Preview accounts here:

Intermediate Answered on July 13, 2023.
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Hi Chris,

That makes total sense to why the external email shows in parentheses. Thanks for fast respond, explanation and the link with additional information.

Rookie Answered on July 13, 2023.
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