How to do a Bulk Bin transfer

Hello there,

Our company is planning to do a stocktake and we want all our items to be moved into one bin and then do a bin transfer as we carry on the stocktake process. We need help on how to do a bulk bin transfer in NetSuite. Could anyone help on this.

Thank you.

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Tousif Islam

Rookie Asked on June 20, 2021 in Inventory.
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have you figured out how to do it? if not and need any help reach me out and i can be able to help out.


Rookie Answered on December 2, 2021.
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Hey mate,

Appreciate for your reply. We still couldn’t figure out how to process that. Any suggestions? Might do wonders for our company.




Rookie Answered on December 2, 2021.
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First of all
– have you got around the stocktakes ?  (i need help in getting those done by month end and i am struggling there for individual Bin Locations)
– do you have any spare bins and are you going to carry out this process in your downtime or when your are live with orders coming in & out ?

  • if you have stocktakes done , you will also need to get the SOH quantity for each items  till latest preferably Friday evening sounds great as you can get all things done on weekends and back online on monday+
  • get the bin number list for each items associated against those items
  • next get the internal ID’s for items and Bins ready
  • next location and subsidiary

with all this information you might need to create a master CSV file containing all this information like as you can be able to do a CSV Import and it should not take much time for it


[External ID 01, External ID 02, Item Name, Item_Internal_ID, From Bin Number , From_Bin_Internal_ID, To_Bin_Number, To_bin_Internal_ID, Location, Subsidiary and Qauntity ]


this is pretty much all you will be needing theoretically speaking  if you want to transfer item from one to another BIN’s. (all in same location) but in your case you want all those items in same bin so TO_BIN  Value will remain the same

For Ex: To_Bin_value = A001 against all the items.

Rookie Answered on December 2, 2021.
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