how to create sublist same like “Print Checks” page.

I try to create a sublist the same as “Print Checks” when the account change (dropdown) then render the sublist, but I got the error message “TypeError Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined”.  if change sublist type to “INLINEEDITOR” work. but I need the sublist to display the same “List”


var selAccount = form.addField({

id : 'custpage_account',

type : serverWidget.FieldType.SELECT,

label : 'Account'

source : 'xxxx'

var sublist = form.addSublist({

id: 'custpage_trans_sublist',

type: serverWidget.SublistType.LIST

label: 'List'



function fieldChanged(context) {

...populate sublist
if (context.fieldId == 'custpage_account') {
var rec = currentRecord.get();


sublistId: 'custpage_trans_sublist'



sublistId: 'custpage_trans_sublist',

fieldId: 'custpage_trans_number',

value: '000999',



rec.commitLine({sublistId: 'custpage_trans_sublist'});}
Rookie Asked on June 29, 2021 in SuiteCloud.
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