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I have created a saved search that in the criteria I have all the bank accounts with multiple currencies, in the results I have a column that calculate the amount (account currency) using this formula:

CASE WHEN {account.number} IN (‘10003′,’10005′,’10007′,’10008′,’10009′,’10010′,’10011′,’10012′,’10013′,’10101′,’10102′,’10103′,’10104′,’10105′,’10106’) THEN {amount} ELSE {fxamount} END

I need to add another column that calculate the accumulated balance for each day , according to the account currency, the same way it appears in the trail balance netsuite report.

for example if the first transaction on 01/01/2021 in BANK USD is 100 so I want the value in the new column will be 100, if on 02/01/2021 I have payment of -45 USD then I want the value will be 55 (100-45) etc…

I hope its clear enough, please advise !



Rookie Asked on November 16, 2021 in How To's.
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