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Is there a way to create a recurring or template Expense report that employees can use to capture their expenses?

Beginner Asked on October 1, 2019 in Administration.
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Short answer: Nope.  See “Memorized Transactions” SA Answer Id: 9054 for the list of transaction types you can memorize.

Long answer: it depends on what your use case and skill level is.  In order of increasing difficulty/complexity:

  1. You can import expense reports via the CSV import process for other users, and even import them for future time periods, if you have the accounting periods setup appropriately.
  2. You could create a workflow.  Depends on exactly what you’re trying to do as to how feasible this option really is.
  3. You could write a script.  Scripting can do just about anything you want, there’s just the small matter of writing, testing, and maintaining it.

There might also be some third-party bundles/applications that can do this, but I can’t really speak to any.  Also, if your use case would allow you to enter these as Journal Entries rather than Expense Reports, with those you can use the native memorized transaction functionality.

Hope that helps!

Intermediate Answered on October 1, 2019.
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Thank you @JamesMorris, I thought this was the answer I would get.  I just wanted to make sure I had not missed something.

Beginner Answered on October 2, 2019.
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