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What determines Discount for Sale vs Discount for Purchase items? It is the Accounts they are associated with? Also, is there a way to restrict Discount for Purchase item in Sales Order? Is there a preference setting in NetSuite?

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Rookie Asked on May 31, 2024 in Accounting.
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Yes, identification of discount depends on account type.

  1. Discount for Purchase
    1. Other Current Asset
    2. Fixed Asset
    3. Other Asset
    4. Other Current Liability
    5. Long Term Liability
    6. Equity
    7. Cost of Goods Sold
    8. Expense
    9. Other Expense
    10. Deferred Revenue
    11. Deferred Expense
  2. Discount for Sale
    1. Income
    2. Other Income

You mean by restricting Discount for Purchase is that, you cannot select Discount for Purchase in Purchase Order or in other transaction? Or you do not want to select Discount for Sale in Sales Order? In either way, you can use saved search to filter the items that can be selected in item lines, then use this saved search in custom form > sublist fields > item filter.

Rookie Answered on June 12, 2024.
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