Difference in SO Line results

I know I’m missing something simple. Gotta be a setting I’m not familiar with? I work in multiple instances. When I look at the SO Item Information script for one instance, I see this information:

Sales order

Linequantity = {string} 2
quantityavailable = {string} 85
rate = {string} 799.00

On all my other instances, I see:

quantity = {string} 24
quantityavailable = {string} 2164
quantitybackordered = {string} 0
quantitybilled = {string} 24
quantitycommitted = {string} 0
quantityfulfilled = {string} 24
quantitypickpackship = {string} 24
rate = {string} 6.40

Rookie Asked on July 1, 2022 in How To's.
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Not 100% sure this is correct, but that looks/sounds like the first one doesn’t have inventory management available/enabled. I.e. it’s just an item with a rate/quantity versus all the stuff you have when you’re actually tracking physical inventory.

Intermediate Answered on July 7, 2022.
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