Deploy Client Script to Account Record Type

Hi Everyone,

According to Netsuite documentation. The Account record type is supported in client Script Record-Level. When I try to deploy my client script to the record “account”, I can’t find it under deployment sublist or page.

Can Anyone explain to me why ?


Beginner Asked on December 10, 2019 in SuiteScript.
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Interesting, I am seeing this in my environments as well.
However, it looks like Account is an option for User Event script so maybe the documentation is just incorrect. You should be able to get similar clientScript functionality by attaching a referenced client script on Form.clientScriptModulePath same as you would via a Suitelet though.

I am also seeing it as an option to have Account record type against a WorkFlow, so that is an option for you as well.

Intermediate Answered on December 10, 2019.

Thank you man for answering. I just posted the reply from netsuite support.

I tried the clientScriptModulePath  but it doesn’t work as well.

I will look at the workflow option, that was very helpful.

Thank you man.

on December 10, 2019.
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I opened a case for netsuite asking them the same question.

They just replied to me of the following: “I’ve consulted the concern with my technical supervisor. It seems that the Client Script is not supported for Record Type Account. In that case, form.clientScriptFileId, neither form.clientScriptModulePath work for this purpose. I’ve also found Enhancement that covers the topic of allowing Client Script on Account Record Type. To summarize it, there is a mistake in SuiteAnswer documentation, or the Enhancement is an actual Defect and the functionality should be available.”  Later they just sent me an email of the following and they closed the case “Client Scripts are currently not supported for Record Type Account. This is a matter for the previously mentioned Enhancement.

I’ll provide the feedback for the SuiteAnswer 10242 so my colleagues take a look at the information at the article. I apologize for currently misleading information. 

Very unprofessional.



Beginner Answered on December 10, 2019.
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