Deleting Workflow History Log

I’m having trouble finding any documentation on deleting log files from the system.

We have 30.000+ items in our system and most of them have 500+ lines in the workflow history log.

we have now disabled the logging in the workflows, but we would like to delete the old logs.

anyone know how to do this?

Rookie Asked on December 19, 2019 in SuiteFlow.
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Found the answer:

  1. Go to Customization > Workflow > Workflows.
  2. Click Edit next to the workflow that you want to delete workflow instances and history records for.
  3. From the More menu, select Instances and History Records.
  4. In the Instances and History Records popup window, in the Delete section, enter the number of months for the age of the workflow instances and related history records that you want to delete. To delete all of the workflow instances and related history records, enter 0.
  5. Click Delete.

To see the status of the deletion process, from the More menu, select Instances and History Records. Statuses include Scheduling, Waiting for execution, and the progress of the deletion process.


It can take days to delete a large number of history records. Only one deletion process is run at a time. If you initiate multiple deletion processes, they are queued in the order that they were initiated in. The deletion process begins when the preceding deletion process is finished.

Rookie Answered on December 19, 2019.
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