Dealing with Incorrect Items Received on Purchase Order

Any suggestions on the best way to deal with incorrect items received on a Purchase Order?
We receive bulk deliveries that have to be booked in from paperwork (not physical checking the items). If we later find that some items are incorrect, we raise a Vendor Return Authorisation to ship these back to the Supplier.
It seems that if we return some items from a Purchase Order, it doesn’t reduce the number of items received on the Purchase Order line.
So in order to get the correct items booked back in, we then have to raise a second line on the PO for the items re-sent. Is that normal? (Seems a little convoluted to me).

It also seems to create issues on the linked sales order (most of these are special order items) – I had one today where we ordered 32 items; the supplier sent 8 correct and 24 incorrect items.
All were booked in on the PO, and committed to the Sales Order. We then raised the vendor auth for the 24 incorrect items, and it reduced the onhand amount to 8 (as expected). But the sales order remains with 32 items committed on the Sales Order line (even though there are only 8 on hand). I tried changing the commitment to ‘do not commit’ and saving, and then back to ‘commit’ to try and get it to recalculate – but it re-committed 32.
The Purchase Order line shows 32 received, but only 8 to bill. So again we will have to add an additional line to the PO to be able to book in the correct 24 items when they are re-shipped.
I did consider changing the sales order line to 8 items, and then putting a second line in for the 24, but then this can’t be linked to the original PO (which is what will be used to ship the 24 items to us).

I know the underlying problem is not checking items before they are booked in, but that is not feasible.
But even if it was – what do we do differently? We can’t not book the items in (otherwise we can’t manage the return of the items) – so how should we deal with this?

Rookie Asked on September 30, 2019 in Purchasing.
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This won’t help much, but the links between special/dropship orders and sales orders can definitely get pretty weird.

Is there any way you could move to a process where you weren’t doing special orders?

Beginner Answered on October 1, 2019.

Our company is currently undergoing implementation with NS and the links between SO and PO’s is my main concern for our company. We are constantly linking and unlinking SO from PO’s all the time for different reasons. We also more often times that not, have to add line items on a SO and then to an existing PO and then linking them. This does not seem like it can be done in NS at all. Is that the case? Also, one more quick question. Our company does not currently use demand supply or reorder points as most of our items are one offs and not an inventory, or line item, in our system. It is my understanding that the only SO to PO links are for DS and Special Order Items. Is that correct?

on July 28, 2020.
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