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I’ve just started looking at permissions and I’m trying to work out exactly what permission allows the user to create new customers. I’ve downloaded the NetSuitePermissionsUsage_2022.1.xls spreadsheet, and it looks to be the Customers permission. But I can’t find where it shows that in the actual ‘Usage Description’ column. It shows ‘Allows usage of the New Customers task’, but I can’t find anywhere it actually says what the ‘New Customers task’ actually is. It doesn’t look like it’s actual creation of new customers, because you only need View level of the Customers permission to have it, and View level does not allow creation of new records.

So if I’m right, and the Customers permission is what allows the user to create new customers, where does it say so in the document? Or elsewhere?

Rookie Asked on June 18, 2022 in Administration.
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The four levels are:

  1. View: User has access to view existing files only. The User cannot create new, edit existing, or delete existing files.
  2. Create: User can create new and view existing files. The user cannot edit or delete existing files.
  3. Edit: User has access to create new, view existing, and edit existing files. The user cannot delete existing files.
  4. Full: User has access to create new files and view, edit, and delete existing files.
Beginner Answered on June 20, 2022.
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