CSV Import Error when importing bulk checks

Hi all. I’m trying to import a bunch of checks into Netsuite. I want the checks to have the checkbox “To be printed” marked so that I can go to Print Checks and Forms and print all of the checks from there. I’m able to import all of the check data just fine and the “To be printed” checkbox is marked as well. The issue that I’m running into is when I go to the Print Checks and Forms and I select the check and hit “Print” then the PDF that pops up doesn’t have the subsidiary address nor any of the bank account information but it does have the payee information and amount to be paid. Everything looks correct on the PDF except the missing bank info and address for the sub. I’ve discovered that if I find the check and hit “edit” and “save” without making any actually changes then when I print it in the Print Checks and Forms all of the subsidiary data is now on the PDF. Do you know how I fix the error so that I don’t have to edit the check for the data to show up correctly on the PDF? Let me know if I’m not explaining myself well enough. Thanks for your help!

Rookie Asked on March 28, 2022 in How To's.
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Are you using a check form that has a particular Print Template associated with it? Are you importing the checks using that particular form? If not, look at the advanced options under the Import Options (second page of import process) and make sure you have the correct custom form selected.

Intermediate Answered on April 18, 2022.
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