Cross Subsidiary Order Tracking

We currently have quite a few Sales Orders that we need to track across Subsidiaries.

Subsidiary A (SubA) and Subsidiary B (Sub B), as follows:

Customer(subA) places Customer PO (CPO(subA)). SubA creates SO(subA). We use the special order feature to create a PO(subA) and send it to SubB. SubB creates SO(subB) and again the special order feature is used to create a PO to a Vendor (VPOSubB).


We need a saved search or report or analytics that shows:

CPO(subA) – SO(subA)-PO(subA)-SO(subB)-VPO(subB) at the summary level at minimum, or the item level would be fantastic.


However, I can’t seem to get one report out of NS to do this. We are currently exporting two searches out to Excel, then using Lookup tables to match up via the PO(subA) term which is common to both.

We do this multiple times/day and we lose the ability to drill down into the order by exporting to Excel.



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If you’re struggling with Saved Searches, may I suggest you take a look as SuiteAnalytics.

The great thing here is that there’s now the ability to join two datasets.



Advanced Answered on November 24, 2022.
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