Creating an Invoice with transaction level discount using REST API


I am using the rest api to create invoices on netsuite but I can’t figure out how to push a header level discount in the request. The fields in the Netsuite UI is discount Rate, which I can edit manually on the UI per order but I want to do this through REST.

This is the field I want to target:

I’ve tried setting the discount rate manually and then querying that invoice to see if I can see the field for discount rate in the response but it’s missing.

Would appreciate any help on this.

Things I’ve tried:
"discountItem": { "id": <itemID> },
"discountRate": -12.00

but I get back:


"type": "",

"title": "Bad Request",

"status": 400,

"o:errorDetails": [


"detail": "Unknown field name 'discountItem'. The field does not exist on this record instance.",

"o:errorPath": "discountItem",

"o:errorCode": "NONEXISTENT_FIELD"




Rookie Asked on February 6, 2022 in How To's.

have you solved this issue?

on April 6, 2022.
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