Billing Schedule Amount In KPI?

Hi everyone!

We are trying to use Billing Schedules and part of that is showing a sales rep what amount will be billed under their name in the current month. So if they sell a 12-month contract for $10,000 per month, then over the next year each month it will say there is $10,000 scheduled to be billed (and not always show the full remaining unbilled amount).

We want this to appear in the KPIs on their dashboard which is always set to ‘This Month’, to add to other KPIs we already have set up. So their KPIs should show amounts in: Pipeline, Unbilled, Scheduled, Actual. The four of these together = Forecast. This applies to our sales manager and directors as well so they can see each KPI and the Forecast total for the whole company.

The problem is that KPIs are based on saved searches, and we can’t figure out how to search for a specific scheduled bill amount. I know a forecast report will show it which is fine for looking at say the next 12 months, but that doesn’t give us a single number to use as a KPI.

The Billing Schedules themselves are working fine, I have a test order with monthly, quarterly and annual schedules attached to different items and the resulting billing schedule shown on a subtab on the order is correct…but how do we search for that data?

FYI we are using the Billing Schedules feature of Advanced Financials, not Advanced Revenue Management.

Welcome any suggestions you may have 🙂

Rookie Asked on November 5, 2020 in Saved Searches.
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