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I’m looking for best practices around building and shipping assembly items as this is fairly new to me.

We get requests to build a certain amount of product and ship from CM to warehouse.

Currently we are waiting until the day it ships, building the assembly at the CM and then creating a transfer order, fulfillment and then upon delivery, an item receipt.

Often upon receipt the qty will change up or down and that is what I am interested in.

It seems that the only way to get the correct qty is to start over completely. Unbuild, build, transfer, fulfill again.

It will allow me to edit the original build to match the delivered qty but I’m concerned there will be some impact with labor charges, etc. that aren’t immediately apparent. I’ve searched suite answers but haven’t found any info around the impact of editing builds.

I know I can unbuild and rebuild the correct amount then delete the fulfillment and then edit the transfer order to match and continue on with the new fulfillment and item receipt. This is a long process and not very efficient. BUT, I’m used to that with netsuite.

Overall I’m just trying to get a sense of best practices in netsuite for handling this situation. If I can get confirmation that editing an assembly build will not cause any issues going forward I can do that. If starting over is what is needed I can do that as well.

Rookie Asked on April 21, 2020 in Items.
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“Often upon receipt the qty will change up or down and that is what I am interested in.”

What exactly does this mean?  The contact manufacturer is not fulfilling what they said they did and you now need to receive more/less than originally asked?

Also, if this is a contract manufacturer, why aren’t you just buying the completed assembly from them?  Are you holding inventory of the materials needed for the assembly at the CM?

Intermediate Answered on April 21, 2020.

Yes, the CM is shipping more or less than originally proposed.


We add in a few components and some labor charges as well. We transfer the components to CM to build finished good.

on April 21, 2020.
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