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First note: We are still implementing, so I’m trying to learn the system(s). So please forgive any knowledge that I am missing.

Does anyone have a connector that works with Amazon FBA? We are implementing netscore, and they have field that brings in the FBA inventory quantity (separate from warehouse inventory). That’s all fine and good, but we need to reduce our inventory from our actual warehouse when we ship it out. What’s the best practice for handling that? Do you have the inventory in another location and just do  a transfer? Then set up the connector to remove the inventory from there? Or is there a better way to do that? We were asking netscore about the best practice, but they didn’t seem to understand our question (remote meetings from the other side of the world have lots of challenges).

I appreciate anyone’s willingness to outline their practices with Amazon FBA.

Rookie Asked on April 2, 2020 in Best Practices.
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One of the many ways to accomplish this would be to create a transfer order from your warehouse ‘Location A’ to another virtual location in NetSuite for Amazon ‘Location B’. When you ship out the products from ‘Location A’, they’ll show up as in-transit until you receive them at ‘Location B’.

However, NetSuite won’t know what’s received in Amazon and when, nor would you know what the current inventory levels are so you’ll have to either manually review this and load values/records in NetSuite or you could focus on automating this through an integration between Amazon FBA and NetSuite.

P.S. I work at Celigo, an integration platform that helps two or more systems start talking to each other. We’d  be glad to walk you through the integration/automations in more detail if you’d be interested. Feel free to check us out at, our webinar here or contact me if you’d like me to guide you to the best place to start as well.


Rookie Answered on April 4, 2020.
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