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I have a transaction saved search where I have all invoices sorted by client. I was able to group them so that I can drill down on the client then and see all of their invoices. I was wondering if there was a way to add a column to show the total count of cases for each client that fit a certain secondary case type?

Rookie Asked on February 15, 2021 in Accounting.
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I’m interpreting what you wrote that you want to see the total number or Sum of the cases that match a certain type, if so, use the Sum Summary Type below.  If you are looking for a  Count or Distinct Count of the type of Cases by Client , this is a little different.  If so, reply and I can provide that too.

For this example, assuming that Secondary Case Type is a field called {secondcasetype} and the type of Secondary Cases  that you are looking for are called Criminal

Edit this Search>Results (Tab)>

Set Field to Formula (Numeric)

Set Summary Type to Sum

In Formula enter: case  when {secondcasetype} = ‘Criminal’ then 1  else 0  end

Click Set

Click Add

in Summary Label enter something like Criminal Cases

Click Save and Run







Rookie Answered on February 15, 2021.
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This does not seem to work. Is this possible to search this when the saved search is a “transaction Search”?

Rookie Answered on February 15, 2021.

The above instructions are for a Transaction Search

on February 16, 2021.
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