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  • Rookie Asked on August 18, 2020 in Administration.

    Hey Mike! I’d check to see if there’s a line level field for status, or probably recreate the transaction with the same data within the NetSuite UI using the same user/role that you’ve provided to the integration and see if it provides you with a visual. NetSuite is kicking back with something for sure!

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  • Rookie Asked on July 28, 2020 in Billing.

    Hey Caio!

    Shopify offers a ‘Payout’ report that summarizes the fees. You can create a ‘Deposit’ record to deposit those cash sales and then account for the fees as cash back.

    The system is pretty smooth but also hard to track which orders were paid out, or were disputed. The company I work for (Celigo) offers a seamless integration between Shopify and NetSuite and automates the hassle of recording sales in NetSuite and also reconciling the cash sales/fees that I described above.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions in general:



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  • Rookie Asked on April 23, 2020 in SuiteApps.


    It’s not related to the role that created the record, but the role your application is using to update the NetSuite record. If you were to give yourself browser access to the same set of permissions that you gave that application, you wouldn’t be able to update vendors either.

    Would suggest that you start with a higher level of access like Administrator for your application and then dial down as you feel right. The above commenter also pointed out the exact permission that might need to be added but you may even run into more permission related errors down the line so sharing the overall approach

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  • Rookie Asked on April 4, 2020 in Best Practices.


    One of the many ways to accomplish this would be to create a transfer order from your warehouse ‘Location A’ to another virtual location in NetSuite for Amazon ‘Location B’. When you ship out the products from ‘Location A’, they’ll show up as in-transit until you receive them at ‘Location B’.

    However, NetSuite won’t know what’s received in Amazon and when, nor would you know what the current inventory levels are so you’ll have to either manually review this and load values/records in NetSuite or you could focus on automating this through an integration between Amazon FBA and NetSuite.

    P.S. I work at Celigo, an integration platform that helps two or more systems start talking to each other. We’d  be glad to walk you through the integration/automations in more detail if you’d be interested. Feel free to check us out at, our webinar here or contact me if you’d like me to guide you to the best place to start as well.


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