RE: Track Email Open in NetSuite

Hi, is there a way to track when someone opens a standard email that was initiated from NetSuite? I’m not talking about campaigns, just regular email.

An example would be if a support rep sent an email to a customer. Is there a way to see if the customer opened it, either with a third-party SuiteApp or bundle, or by creating a customization?

mmascitto Beginner Asked on June 20, 2020 in Administration.
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You can check the Request read receipt checkbox before sending the email.


RE: Track Email Open in NetSuite



Beginner Answered on June 22, 2020.

Thanks for that, though, it’s not quite what I need because it requires acknowledgement from the recipient. I think this info from Bronto is more along the lines of what I’m trying to do.

on June 22, 2020.
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