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Hello everybody!

I’m new here, been lurking for a while trying to get my bearings. I hope my first post is right.

I’m fairly new to Netsuite, and I came into this company as they’re trying to transition from Site Builder to SuiteCommerce.

Due to some issues we’re running into, the transition is taking a long time. In the meantime, we need to have an SSL certificate installed into the current Site Builder site and convert all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS.

In brief conversations I’ve had with employees in the company, they say that it’s “not doable” because we’re using Sitebuilder – This doesn’t sound right to me.

It’s just a certificate and redirection rules, am I correct?

Should Netsuite services, or a 3rd party vendor be able to do this?

Or is there documentation that walks us through doing this ourselves? I can’t seem to find much about Site Builder when it comes to this specific item.

Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

— Oscar

Oscar G. Rookie Asked on January 9, 2020 in Administration.
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Hello Mrog,

It can be tough to get a clear answer here, as NetSuite wants you to upgrade to SuiteCommerce. I have developed a CDN based solution that allows you to keep a custom checkout domain for the checkout/my account areas while making the entire site HTTPS. There are a bunch of technical details that have to be done right to avoid insecure content warnings (or even breaking functionality). I’ve done this for a couple dozen site builder sites and it works well, and includes security and performance enhancements due to the CDN. You can read about it more here:

Or feel free to get in touch and we can chat in more detail.


David Norris

Beginner Answered on January 9, 2020.

Thanks for your response. I agree they seem to always want you to upgrade or pay more. The reason we’re in this position right now is because their services team dropped the ball in upgrading us to SC/SCA so we are now delayed by several months and in the meantime we need to secure our current suitebuilder site. — Aside from getting it to be secure, we don’t want to invest in any new or additional solutions. I believe we’ll look at a CDN once we’re on the SC platform.

Thank you.

on January 10, 2020.
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