RE: REST API unable to view/create workorders

Hello all,
Using Postman, I am having trouble getting the list of workorders using this endpoint:
I get this error:
errorDetails”: [
“detail”: “The workorder record is only available as a beta record. Enable the REST Record Service (Beta) feature in Setup > Company > Enable Features to work with this record.”,
I have enabled the REST Record Services.
When I call this endpoint, I get purchase orders, as expected.
I am able to create Workorders using the UI so I think I have the correct permissions.
Ultimately, I am wanting to create a new PO by POSTing with a payload similar to this:
“customForm”: { “id”: “306” },
Any idea why I cannot view/create workorders usin gthe REST API?
Thanks, Wayne
twayneprice Rookie Asked on February 2, 2024 in Manufacturing.
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Not all record are currently generally available through REST Web Services.

You may sign up for the Beta functionality, however, I understand there is a strong chance almost all records will be generally available as of the 2024.1 release.



Intermediate Answered on February 5, 2024.
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