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Hi – newbie here

I have a couple of  reports where i would  like to add a filter of All of said field – ie – i want users to be able to filter a report and see one specific item/vendor etc. I create the filter but I cannot figure out how to show Equal to -All-

my choice of “Equal to “ just gives me all items in a list – I’m sure it is simple but I’m stumped!

** Not sure i am very clear 🙂

i want all items to show in the filter – i see on other reports that the filter says Equals – All- but i cant type All in the box

This is what i see

RE: Report filter

any help much appreciated!!!

Bk101 Rookie Asked on January 21, 2022 in Reports.
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3 Answers

That worked!! Thank you!!

Rookie Answered on February 9, 2022.
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