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Here is my setup:

We have a primary production warehouse(location A) containing both components and finished goods.

We have Outsource Vendors that we send components to for them to sterilize and package(Locations B and C).

We currently create Transfer Orders to ship the components to the vendors for processing. A purchase order is created with the Outside processing charge per finished good. A work Order is also created to eventually “build” the finished goods when we receive them from the vendor.

Once the product is returned we receive the Outsouce charge (Inventory type) into the Outsource warehouse. We then issue the components(including the Outsouce part) to the Work Order and complete the work order for the qty received.

We then perform an Inventory Transfer from the Outsource Warehouse (Location B or C) to our Primary warehouse (Location A) to be sold.

All 3 locations have the check boxes in the Location record checked for Make Inventory Available and Include in Supply Planning.

My Issue is when I Generate Item Supply Plan under Demand planning it is only looking at the Location A for Supply and Demand.

Does anyone have a solution to get around this?


rjj Rookie Asked on March 13, 2020 in Manufacturing.
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2 Answers

I would recommend a more robust solution then trying to use Netsuite’s demand planning.  Something like this would be my recommendation (I work there).


Intermediate Answered on March 13, 2020.
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