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I have a delivery options field which uses a custom list of delivery timings. Can I make the the field automatically reduce the options in the list when there are too many deliveries on one option??

Lionheart Rookie Asked on December 13, 2020 in Manufacturing.
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I do not know how you’d define “too many deliveries on one option” but I hope this information helps.

You can use SuiteScript 2.0 to dynamically create and display a field on a NetSuite form/record.  Ex if on the Project record you wanted a Multi-select field that shows 1-5 options based on availability.  You create a script with the following logic.  Please note this content would need to be added to a beforeLoad User Event script.

var form = scriptContext.form;
//create field
var field = form.addField({id : 'custpage_new_field', type : serverWidget.FieldType.MULTISELECT, label : 'New Field' });
//evaluate each option to see if available.  Can use a for loop
//if available, add the value as an option to the new field.  Can use the same for loop
field.addSelectOption({value : '1', text : '1'});

Reference NetSuite Suite Answer Ids:  43800,  43586, 43669, and 48790.

Rookie Answered on December 15, 2020.
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