RE: Workflow transition “stuck”, missing field changes by Suitelets

I’m creating a workflow which is intended to do the following:

On new Order Confirmation create, check some fields and move to state “Waiting for Pending Billing”.

When the Status of the OC changes to Pending Billing, proceed to the next state in the workflow (calls a custom script to make a Customer Deposit). This is done with the state trigger On Entry with condition “Document Status = Pending Billing”.

The workflow triggers as expected and OCs in Pending Fulfillment status show the Workflow is active in “Waiting on Pending Billing” state.

The problem: the Order Confirmation changes Status to Pending Billing via RESTLet calls from a third party fulfillment service. The System Notes plainly show that the Status is changed from Pending Fulfillment to Pending BIlling. But the workflow stays in “Waiting on Pending Billing” state, stuck.

Any thoughts on why an OC could be updated via a Suitelet and a workflow would “miss” it?

TroyDThompson Rookie Asked on July 29, 2020 in SuiteFlow.
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3 Answers

UI changesĀ do work as expected, so I know the workflow sees the right Status field at least and is still running.

As for contexts: I’ve selected all contexts just in case. Still no response.

Rookie Answered on July 29, 2020.
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