RE: Why isn’t my Import Online Banking Data CSV loading??

Posting this question so I can post a helpful solution I found.

In general the Import Online Banking Data process is very strict and unforgiving as of 2019.1. There are changes coming in 2019.2 so perhaps they’ve made improvements. (let’s hope!)

The basics are covered in SuiteAnswers ID 70182

In a situation with one of my clients, they were using a known good import template with all of the correct column headers, etc. But for some reason it was failing. This import module does not provide helpful messages on the fail just:

The file upload failed. Please try again. If you have repeatedly received this error message, please send mail to NetSuite Technical Support.

We all know how frustrating it can be to go through that process! See my posted answer for the culprit. (spoiler alert – commas and quotes!)

socal_geoff Rookie Asked on October 2, 2019 in Banking.
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Hello, thanks for this explanation.

I’m just going to start using this whole bank reconciliation process and I still have doubts about the file.

I hope you can help me … When I download the bank file, I download it in .CSV but this file does not match the template provided by NetSuite and in the template there is data that I do not know what information should be put since in my file that I download only shows me the date, description, deposits and withdrawals

The data that I don’t know that should be put in are “payer / payer name, Transaction id, Memo, NS Internal Customer Id, NS Customer Name, Invoice Number (s)”. In the case of the memo, here should I put the description that is in the file that I download from the bank?

I would appreciate your comments.

Rookie Answered on July 2, 2021.
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