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This site seems like it has potential to be helpful to a lot of Netsuite users in a lot of ways. It’s design reminds me a lot of StackOverflow. I was about to share a link to the site with a some of people I work with whom are the biggest “power users” of Netsuite in our organization, but then I realized that it could be useful to pretty much every Netsuite user in our company.

That lead me to the question: what is the target demographic for this site? Are you targeting actual Netsuite professionals that need deeper knowledge, or are you also hoping to help the new hire that’s in their first week of using it?

aaron_tekton Rookie Asked on September 10, 2019 in Random.
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Great question: The page could meet a variety of needs – but it really depends on the type of questions they are going to ask.

My understanding is that this site is targeted more towards NetSuite professionals – meaning your administrators, developers, power users, or consultants. However, that is not to say that with the right questions being asked, that it couldn’t be useful to other types of users.

One thing that happens is that you configure your NetSuite account to meet your purposes – or customize a variety of processes, with scripts, custom fields, or workflows.

Some of the more generic topics like saved searches, reports, might be broad enough that your typical user could benefit from it, however the individuals responding won’t necessarily know all the fields that are in your account, so they might not be able to resolve the issue.

I’d probably start by having your more experienced users join the site – those who already understand how their job functions work. Then based on their feedback, you might consider rolling it out to a larger audience.

An advantage to this site – is it is less likely to be intimidating than say, stack overflow and attract those who are less developer. It may turn out to be more searchable (to be determined as we get our volume of activity up). It also will be less restrictive on users joining than say – the Oracle NetSuite boards. 

Advanced Answered on September 10, 2019.
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