RE: Transform a salesrecord to invoice through clientscript

Im trying to transform salesorder record to invoice,but Im getting Invalid Initilize error and invalid refernce.but I have given form Id as internalId y Im getting this error can Any one help me
function saveRecord(context) {
        var objRecord = record.transform({
            fromType: record.Type.SALES_ORDER,
            toType: record.Type.INVOICE,
            isDynamic: true,
revathi Rookie Asked on September 17, 2021 in SuiteScript.
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4 Answers
            let customerRecord = record.create({type: record.Type.CUSTOMER});
            customerRecord.setValue('companyname', vendorRecord.getValue('companyname'));
            customerRecord.setValue('subsidiary', vendorRecord.getValue('subsidiary'));
            customerRecord.setValue('status', 13);
            customerID =;
            log.debug('customer creation', customerID);
            let customerLinkTask = task.create({taskType: task.TaskType.ENTITY_DEDUPLICATION});
            customerLinkTask.entityType = task.DedupeEntityType.CUSTOMER;
            customerLinkTask.dedupeMode = task.DedupeMode.MERGE;
            customerLinkTask.masterSelectionMode = task.MasterSelectionMode.SELECT_BY_ID;
            customerLinkTask.masterRecordId = vendorID;
            customerLinkTask.recordIds = [customerID];
            let customerLinkTaskId = customerLinkTask.submit();
            log.debug('created customer link task ', customerLinkTaskId);
Rookie Answered on September 21, 2021.
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